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26th May - 1st June 2019

Diana and Chantal, arrived with their delightful group of Australian farming friends for a week of joyful laughter and Scottish bagpipe playing. A first in Luciole’s history for sure. By sheer chance we were even able to unite Frenchman and Irish bagpipe maker, Benoir in the village of Fontenille, with Maurie, for an impromptu concert at Penny’s house. Truly memorable.

Certainly is has to be the most dramatic arrival into Auxerre, music and water waves in perfect harmony to Waltzing Mathilda. In the evening, Ollie presented Darvall with a delicious chocolate birthday cake. After supper we walked up on to the Passerelle, the foot bridge over the River Yonne, to admire the view and toss flowers, with a wish, into the water, in the hope that when they reach Paris, the wish will indeed come true.

We wish as well, everyone a happy onward adventure in the Loire Valley and look forward do seeing Diana and Chantal again next year.

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