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We are looking for friendly, outgoing people with a warm and committed personality to join like-minded crew members.

As a family orientated business we like to look after our staff and pride ourselves upon our reputation to do so.

We operate with respect, integrity and trust. We believe people should be themselves. We work without uniforms.

We enjoy to develop and see others grow.

About working with us

Our purpose

-To deliver wonderful experiences to both crew and passengers

Core values

- To be friendly and caring, yet professional
- To create a positive atmosphere and experience for crew and passengers
- To operate with respect, inclusivity and trust

Why the Luciole

- We value our crew, operate with integrity and understand trust
- We are experienced, operating since 1976
- We have very interesting guests, with 12 passengers there are many to get to know
- We are not profit driven, and continuously invest into the boat
- The Nivernais is consistently the most beautiful canal in France
- The route offers a real mix from the busy city of Auxerre to the rural countryside


- Food and refreshments
- Accommodation with individual cabins
- Training
- Travel expenses
- Use of bicycles
- Opportunities to progress
- Meet extremely interesting well travelled guests
- Wifi


- We value training. It is important that crew have a good understanding of their role.
- We train every member of staff well at the start of their journey with us.
- We are happy to support those willing to improve and develop new skills or qualifications


- The barge's season runs from May until October.
- Our ideal employee is available all season, however, please let us know otherwise
- Employment starts 10 days before the start, for training, to prepare the boat and to settle in

Job descriptions

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The captain is the principal figure within the crew, onboard they are responsible for safety, wellbeing and daily management of the Luciole, her passengers and crew.

Roles include navigating each day for between 3-6.5 hours, general maintenance, basic administration, maintaining standards, management of crew and liaising with guests. The Friday evening Captain’s Dinner is the highlight of each week.

The captain is supported day to day by a matelot (deckhand) and has support available from company management where required.


It is a dynamic role that also burdens responsibility, however it can be extremely rewarding. A good captain has leadership and management skills, sets a good example and importantly maintains the safety of the vessel for all.

Required qualifications:
- A license to steer a 35m passenger boat of 12 passengers on inland waterways in France
- An ASP qualification

We would be willing to support the right candidate in achieving these stipulations.


The barge cruises at a slow and steady pace along the Nivernais Canal, a varied and challenging waterway of river and canal. Passing through 6 or 7 locks each day, it is the deckhands’ responsibility to help guide the captain through locks, using lines to stop the boat and tie her up in each lock or port. The deck hand is responsible for tidying and cleaning the boat, a continuous task. Painting is required regularly to keep her in good condition and problem solving abilities are necessary to fix any issues onboard, including within passenger cabins and bathrooms. Twelve bikes also require regular maintenance. During the 6 night cruise, it is the deckhand’s responsibility to assist in the kitchen, washing up the 4 course evening meal twice per week. Further responsibilities include removing rubbish daily and visiting the bread shop in the morning.


Ideally we are looking for a technically able person with a good attention to detail. The deckhand must have the ability to maintain the barge's outside appearance, bikes, plumbing and mechanical systems. We will provide training on boatmanship. This is a very physically demanding role, the continuous workload requires a good amount of stamina to achieve the heavy workload.

We require someone with a friendly and positive attitude. This still remains a customer-facing role, as there is a lot of contact with our passengers. Teamwork is essential on the Luciole, it is vital that crew members work together and are flexible within their roles. We welcome new employees to the family and enjoy to see them progress, with the option for the deckhand to obtain a bus driving license.


Each weekday the guide leads guests on a short tour. These are varied, visiting significant historical sites, beautiful villages, the stunning city of Auxerre and wine tasting in Chablis. Some tours are factual and informative others more relaxed, however they can all be fun.

Guests having varying interests and abilities, but enjoy to learn about the history and culture of the region and country. Tours last between 2-3 hours, plus an average travel time of 15 minutes each way.

The tour guide is responsible for transfers to and from Paris each weekend. Returning passengers on the Saturday morning to Paris and meeting the new passengers Sunday afternoon, the drive takes 2.5 - 3.5 hours. We provide a night stay for the guide at the central 4* Hotel Mansart, the same hotel we drop off and rendezvous our guests.

Further responsibilities include maintaining the cleanliness of the bus, as well as fueling, servicing and managing driving hours. We recently purchased a new Mercedes Travel minibus with 16 seats plus driver.

This is an important role within a tight knit crew in which teamwork is essential; the tour guide provides a very important supportive role to the operations of the barge, helping with shopping and logistics throughout the week. There is also washing up 2 evening services per week.

It is a rewarding role and also flexible role, we encourage the tour guide to spend time on the boat and to cruise and to get to know the guests.

The Luciole will provide a lot of training and support with the role, especially early on, however an amount of reading and revision is required to develop.


The role requires a good deal of flexibility, versatility, stamina and good communication skills. A good tour guide is well organised, punctual and a good people person, with an ability to confidently adapt to fluid itineraries and different tours. Teamwork is essential on the Luciole, an ability to work in a team is imperative, with an easy attitude of helping others when required. Being able to speak French is a bonus, but not required.

The driving can be challenging, on both country lanes and within central Paris, appropriate licenses and certificates are required, including: Category D1 license (minibus of 16 seats + driver)
CPC (certificate of professional competence)
Digital tachograph card

However we would be willing to support the right candidate in achieving these stipulations.


The chef is responsible for cooking for the 12 passengers and 6 crew. Preparing 4 days per week a buffet style lunch of two main dishes and four varied salads. As well as each evening a 3 course gastronomic dinner. Canapés are presented on Sunday, the arrival night, and on Friday before Captain’s Diner. Catering for the crew for both lunch and in the evening is also part of the chef’s role. The chef is also responsible for their own washing up. Passengers eat one lunch in a restaurant ashore each week.


We require a chef with excellent menu planning and a wide range of dishes to cover the week - dovetailing lunch and evening meal choices using seasonal produce. You are responsible for managing your budget and purchasing ingredients. The galley is attractive and well stocked with equipment, fridges and a large plating up area. It is a shared area of mutual respect particularly between the chef and hosts. It is very important that the galley is kept clean and tidy. Ability to work in a team is imperative with an easy attitude of helping others when required. A basic knowledge of French is useful, although not essential.


The role of the host is to provide a high standard of care and attention, looking after our twelve passengers on the inside of the boat. There is a considerable amount of work shared between the two hosts, on a split shift rota. The role consists of two main areas; cleaning - of the 8 cabins, and service - for each meal, as well as hot and cold drinks throughout the day. Hosts are also responsible for turning around the boat each weekend, with guests leaving on Saturday mornings and arriving Sunday evenings.


The role requires a good deal of flexibility, versatility, stamina and good communication skills. A good host is well organised, with an attention to detail and hospitable with guests. Teamwork is essential on the Luciole, an ability to work in a team is imperative, with an easy attitude of helping others when required. Being able to speak French is a bonus, but not required.

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