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No 5 - Le Bouillon Chartier

The term brasserie means brewery, but it is usuallly a cheap restaurant with simple no thrills dishes served quickly. Often the place for workers lunch.

Le Bouillon Chartier is large and busy, serving traditional French cuisine inside what was once a Belle Epoque railway station.

Think carafes of wine, red and white checked tablecloths and waiters wearing waistcoats and white aprons, providing rapid service, on the verge of rude, perfectly French…

This is not a la carte, but cheap, simple and rustic French classics, served quickly. This is a popular place with Parisians but also tourists - You may share a table with strangers. It is not possible to reserve a table, instead you must join a quickly moving queue, often down the alleyway and along the street. I’ve never queued for more than 15 minutes, the turn over is quick.

It’s open 365 days a year from 11:30am - Midnight, and is equally as suitable for lunch as dinner.

Prices are cheap, very cheap.

Entries:1€ - 6.80€
Mains: 8.50€ - 13.50€
Cheeses: 1.90€ - 2.60€
Desserts: 2.20€ - 4.00€

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