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15th - 21st July 2018

France won the World Cup! Auxerre exploded into a night of noisy celebration. Tooting of horns, brave guys jumping off La Passerelle and general much boisterous jollity. France celebrated in style and who could blame them? It was an exciting night for our passengers to be moored in Auxerre, to experience the jubilation. We all felt privileged to be a part of it all.

Admittedly we could have done without the smashed saloon window at 4am but passengers took the extra ventilation in their stride and William was on board to make a speedy replacement in Vincelles. Passengers swam in the cool River Yonne and Burgundy seemed at peace again after the previous nights raucous celebrations following the winning of the World Cup.

Our passengers arrived from Australia, Switzerland, France and the UK. What international companions for a delightful week on the Luciole. Passengers assisted with the steering, most swam in the various swimming spots along our route. Oh the summer joy of the wonderful Nivernais Canal.

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