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Useful information regarding the Paris 2024 Olympics

Paris 2024 Olympics

Find information on the Paris 2024 Olympics - we are very excited
If you need help with an itinerary please get in touch, we are experienced and can be flexible


Friday 26th July – Sunday 11th August
The Paralympics are being held for 10 days from the 28th August – 8th September


The majority of the games take place in Paris. Many events will be at the Stade de France, the national football stadium, in the north of Paris and Parc des Princes, PSG’s football stadium, in the east. A temporary stadium will be built at the Eiffel Tower. Other venues for smaller events include Les Invalides and Place de la Concorde.

Opening ceremony

Will be held on Friday 26th July, athletes will travel 6km along the Seine on small boats.

We can be flexible for charters

Especially with transfers, just speak to us with any questions

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Transfers to the Luciole for Charter Groups

We are able to organise alternative rendezvous locations for the Luciole transfers. We pride ourselves on being flexible and are here to help you with your arrangements.

Potential alternative locations we could meet you are:
1.5 hr - TGV Montbard
2 hr - TGV Dijon/Beaune
1.5 hr - Orly Airport
2.5 hr - Charles De Gaulle Airport
3.5 hr - Lyon Airport
4 hr - Geneva Airport

Paris will be opening a new Metro line to Orly airport in the Southern suburbs of Paris, which is closer to the Luciole

Transfers map
What do we think about it?

I lived in London when the Olympic’s came to town in 2012, I was pessimistic, focusing on the expense and how busy everything would be, but it was absolutely fantastic.

Public transport was improved dramatically and things were so streamlined, the systems handled it so well, and proportionally it didn’t make too much difference. Any inconvenience was so worth it for the buzz and atmosphere. An unexpected bonus was how easy it was to access certain events even without a ticket, such as the cycling, the marathon or long distance swimming.

Will there be an impact on us?

We believe that the Olympics will have an impact on our transfers, potentially meaning we need to adjust the meeting point, however, we are certain this can be managed. Information regarding road closures have not yet been published.

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