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Paris Top Tips

No. 10 - Paris Metro

The Paris metro is straight up confusing, I still believe it to be based upon Witchcraft. Gare de Nord is the busiest station in the world outside of Japan, and Chatelet is not far behind. It’s taken me years to get used to this underground world.


There are a few types you can consider.
The ticket machines work in numerous languages.
Prices bellow are based on adults. Tickets can be used on Metro, RER, tram and bus.

Single journeys:

Each single ticket is for 1 single journey with unlimited changes.

t+ tickets – €1.90 - Flexible tickets (Zones 1)
Île-de-France – +€1.49 - Specific destination to a specific destination (Doesn't work on buses)
Airport ticket – €10.30 - A seperate ticket required to get to the airport by RER. It can be brought as a return from stations or the airport

Single ticket journeys can be brought in multiples, for exponential price reductions. I tend to purchase a book of 10x t+ tickets for €16.90, though it can get confusing which tickets you have and haven’t used. Make sure you keep hold of your current ticket to escape the system.

Day tickets

‘Paris Visite travel pass’ – an unlimited number of journeys, ideal for tourists
Zones 1-3 = €12.00
Zones 1-5 = €25.25 (includes airport, Versailles and Disneyland)

These exponentially get cheaper the more consecutive days you buy. They also save a load of hassle organising which tickets you have or have not used.

Reduced tickets:

Kids: 4-10


The direction doesn’t work on North or South etc, the direction is according to the station at the end of the line.

Metro = Tube/subway – Numbered lines
RER = Larger underground trains, but less frequent– Lettered lines
SNCF = Over ground trains

1. Work out which line A-E (RER) or 1-14 (Metro), remember this and its colour!
2. Check which station is at the end of the line, highlighted in bold with the number/letter on the map, this gets complicated when it branches. Remember this!
3. Follow signs to that line. The signage in the larger stations can be horrific, keep a constant look out, as the direction arrow may suddenly change…
4. You may go through numerous barriers, double check the arrow is above the barrier


Insert your ticket to the right of each barrier. But, not all individual barriers have the slot to receive paper tickets.

The ticket barriers are brutal, and any straying suitcase or child will be trapped in a vice like grip. A reminder of the guillotine, you have been warned!

Watch your pockets, Paris is very safe. However pickpocketing is common.

Stations often have numerous exits and with the size of some of them, it can be worth checking a map and seeing which is the best exit for you, then follow that number in dark blue.

To get off the Metro, the doors don’t always open automatically, some have buttons or lift up handles.

Make sure you have a picture of a map saved to your phone, maybe in your favourites?


Voie = Platform
Gare = Station
Billets = tickets
Navigo = Weekly/monthly pass cards
Carte bleu (CB) = Blue card = Credit card!

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