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2nd - 8th June 2024

Sunday evening was celebration time for Sue’s birthday. Chef Nicolas created a magical chocolate gateau, candles were blown and ‘Happy Birthday’ was sung by all. Delighted to have you aboard Sue and Patrick - along with our other such lovely passengers from all corners of the globe. The crew knew from the moment the group stepped off the bus in Auxerre, that they would all enjoy each others company and it was true. Smiles and laughter, friendship and fun was the order of each day

Not wishing to miss a trick, at the Accolay lavoir (old washouse) spirited ladies, Pina and Gail, tested out the facility in the fast running spring water. The old washing method used in these village lavoirs was to wash at the end of the lavoir, where the water ran away and rinse the clothes at the end the water entered. All very clever!

On the clothes front theme, Alex (wearing shirt and shorts I assure you!) sported his new apron. Alex divides his time between the role of host and helping Cailan with matelot duties, as well as being a dab hand on his computer, for the end of week printed menu. He certainly looks cool beyond belief - which he is – it’s the sunglasses that do it.

It was sunshine, blue sky and billowing clouds for cruise beneath the Roches du Saussois, which is always a highlight of the week. As of course is the stunning food Nicolas produces from the Luciole galley, that without exception always astounds and delights throughout the cruise.

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