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8th – 14th October 2023

Twice a year and sometimes even 4 times, passengers and crew are treated to the spectacle of ‘the passing over’. Olivier is the delightful lockkeeper at the Ecluse de Vaux, who in the summer keeps his pony on an island across the canal, reachable only by crossing over the lock gates, or for his pony, a tiptoe across the bow deck of the Luciole.

The barge is brought perfectly in line with the shore, by controlling the sluice gates, allowing the necessary amount of water in (or out) of the lock. Once the barge and shore are level, the dear little pony, with the lure of a warm winter stable makes his confident way across the Luciole deck, leaving summer pastures behind until the following springtime.

Thinking about the comings and goings, our breakfast pastries arrive as if by magic each day, collected from the boulangerie along our route by Jim, Cailan and Vincent. Credit should also be given to Vincent for his behind scenes organisational role in making sure orders are made to all the bakers. No mean feat that, I can assure you and greatly appreciated. Breakfast in France would not be the same without a croissants, pain au chocolate or pain au raisin. Merci Vincent!

It was hard to believe, thanks to the weather that it was indeed mid-October. The sunshine and temperatures surprised everyone. What a joy it was to stand at the top of Grand Cru Hill and see the Chablis valley bathed in bright afternoon sunshine and the vine leaves beginning to turn golden. The wine tasting with Romain Bouchard at their organic Domaine l’Enclos, was inspiring, along of course with the super professional wine tasting presented by Rachael at Penny’s house.

So it is cheers in every way – you were a wonderful group that brought dancing to the saloon and the never to be forgotten reminder of the usefulness of a paper straw to assist drinking from a bottle, particularly helpful when riding a bicycle at the same time. Make that a double cheers!

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