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1st – 7th October 2023

This is the closest week we will most likely get, to playing on-board Cludo – or Clue as it is know in America. Banter on the subject had become a daily part of the cruise, but the crew pulled off the biggest surprise, planting items various to amuse and confuse, in passenger cabins on the last night of the cruise. Marianne was first to find the scissors and of course Paul finding the rope created the most finger pointing trying to work out the culprit (lovely bit of knot work there Captain!).

Actually laughter and jollity was a major part of the cruise from beginning to end as the passengers, who had booked individually came together in one merry band. There was a never ending roll of hilarity that was infectious and heart warming. Ann, I can hear your giggle ringing in my ears as I write. Delightful – as was the lovely card you left the crew painted by your ‘dear Bill’ who as we heard and noted, enormously appreciated his many years of happy marriage.

The sun stays hot during the day, perfect for taking to the tow path on bike or foot. The nights though are cooler and one immediately feels the drop in temperature when the sun’s rays slip behind the tree line or cliff tops along the cruise route. In Mailly-le-Château, the moon shine over the canal was particularly spectacular on Tuesday and as bright as the night was dark.

An enchanting week had by all – the crew certainly second that.
Fair winds and following seas to you all.

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