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Winter in the city of Auxerre is usually quiet, particularly so this year. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, there is a curfew from 6pm - 6am. However, for the wildlife on the water, it is business as usual.

Swans still patrol the River Yonne, checking their territory, often passing the Luciole hoping to see crew at an open galley door. Occasionally a kingfisher flashes by, their shrill call preliminary to the dart of turquoise, such a joyful sight.

Periodically even the shy coypu puts in an appearance. The Luciole rudder makes a perfect landing raft for these timid animals to sit and take in the view, usually unnoticed, sometimes leaving opened fresh water mussel shells as evidence of a feast.

Up in the vineyards, the leafless rows of vines are trimmed and look stark against the stony soil. There is certainly no hint from vine or terroir of the fruit these naked stems will bear in the months to come.

Everyone, everything, is looking forwards, towards Spring, then to summer, hoping, waiting for the turning of the corner in every which way for one and all.

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