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Winter in Auxerre
Winter 2016

Auxerre is quiet. The town has slipped into 'winter mode'...

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Luciole infront of cliffs
9th - 15th October

The final week of the season. A lovely charter group to finish 2016, passengers and crew were treated to spectacular autumnal...

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Broken lock gate
2nd - 8th October

The penultimate week of the 2016 season aboard the Luciole, and what a delightful time we've had...

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Wall and view
25th September - 1st October

Hurdling into late September, this week brought with it some special returning passengers, shiny new faces and PUMPKINS!...

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Mailly le Chateau
18th - 24th September

What a wonderful week! The Luciole and it's crew were sad to see so many lovely faces leave us after what really was a fantastic trip. ...

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Large moth
11th - 17th September

September had more than a spring in its step when it arrived with our passengers for the week. A glorious group...

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Crusing the river
4th - 10th September

A wonderful, key part of the Luciole’s cruise along the Nivernais is the quaint hand-worked locks...

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Kid skateboarding
28th August - 3rd September

With the second half of the season in full swing and the August weather reaching it’s sunny peak...

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Group of passengers
21st - 27th August

Another week of firsts for the Luciole, with a group of Russian and Ukranian guests joining us to make Luciole history...

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Captain fathers and sons
7th - 20th August

A two week break from cruising during what predictably can be a very hot August allowed for crew to fly off to all four corners...

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31st July - 6th August

Youngsters Olivia, Alex and Elias were the catch of the week with their keen help prepping lunch with chef Jade...

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Steering the barge
24th - 30th July

A brilliantly varied cruise of Luciole newcomers and returning friendly faces...

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Crab tian
17th - 23rd July

The Luciole was on an exhilarating mission this week to catch up with some Bastille day firework celebrations....

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Group in Auxerre
3rd - 9th July

A beautiful Burgundy cruise with an Asian twist was enjoyed by all on board this week; a tandem charter...

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Horse riding
26th June - 2nd July

The Luciole was home to a couple of little chirping babies for this family charter week...

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Group in Vézelay
19th - 25th June

Take a little look at ‘Grandpa’ Bill here booming off the side of the Luciole on what was another gloriously sunny week of soaring temperatures and river-splashing fun.....

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Group in garden
12th - 18th June

Things got a little wet and wild this week with the arrival of James and his troop of delightful ramblers......

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Luciole's port side
5th - 11th June

With the welcome arrival of June sunshine and soaring temperatures, an equally sunny gaggle of passengers...

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Paintballing group
29th May - 4th June

The Luciole was honoured to welcome back Gordon with his lovely wife and nieces, along with three amazing ladies...

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Group on deck
22nd - 28th May

A delightful group of Canadian (NOT to be confused with American!), British and actual American guests graced us with their company this week...

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Abbey inside
15th - 21st May

The Luciole welcomed aboard Americans and British for the second cruise of our season...

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Feeding a swan
8th - 14th May

We spent our first week with a lovely family, who arrived from sunny California and Costa Rica...

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Sunset in Auxerre
1st - 7th May

Kindly visiting from around the globe, a group of barge agents, on a short cruise from Vincelles to Auxerre...

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Painting the bow

With various projects on the Luciole, there is a lot of change happening; 4 new bathrooms, moving the staircase and new crew cabins...

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Moored for winter

Work aboard the Luciole is bowling on at a fantastic speed...

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