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23rd - 29th June 2019

This week will remembered for the heat. Oh my goodness, the heat. France experienced the highest ever recorded temperatures. The period is called a ‘Canicule’ where the high temperatures do not drop for 3 days and 3 nights. The last major canicule was in 2003.

Trains, taxis and the Luciole suffered with AC system breakdowns in the intenseness. Paul, the tour guide bought up the remaining portable AC machines and fans in Auxerre, leaving shelves bare. Special thanks to Eric, who Penny named ‘Mr Fan-man’ for his wonderful assistance in constructing said fans. You will be remembered!

The River Yonne remained cool for swimming, passengers and crew took to the water with delight, at every opportunity. There was an extra lunch out, supper on the deck, chilled Rosé in Fontenille (and a dem on how to clean your wood burner stove's glass door by rubbing with a little water and fire ashes). The passengers kindly said that the crew could not have done more and we in turn thank our wonderful passengers for coping with the difficulties with good humour and understanding.

This undoubtedly is the week where everyone will remember where they were in the Summer of 2019. Glasses raised to Phil and Shelley, celebrating their honeymoon and to Colin and Katherine who had their honeymoon on the Luciole and returned to celebrate their fifth.

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