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7th - 13th October 2018

The Indian Summer continued for our group of passengers from America and England. Alan and Margaret, and John were returning to the Luciole, there have been lots of alterations and updates on the barge for them to see with our new bathrooms and of course moving of the staircase from the centre to the side of the saloon.

Cruising through Mailly-la-Ville there is the usual scramble for Francisco to steer the barge under the too-low for comfort road bridge and then as a precaution remove the wheel as the stern passes under. Jack the matelot also removes the saloon hatch. Always better to be safe rather than sorry in Mailly!

Up in the vineyards the grapes are all picked and the vine leaves are turning golden. Wine tasting at Brocard at Prehy, offers spectacular views across the region of Chablis. As always a Captain’s Diner Chablis vintage is chosen and bought to sip and enjoy on the final evening.

Friday lunch dessert is served on the deck as we cruise out of the last lock into Auxerre, towards the Cathedral of St Etienne that towers over the town. Stunningly dramatic and as the Luciole nears the Bridge of Paul Bert, the Abbey St Germain comes into view as well. A skyline to dream about when one is far from Burgundy.

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