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24th - 30th June 2018

We had ebullience in abundance this week when we welcomed our group from Western Australia. Dull moments were most certainly not in the mix. La Luciole rang out with regular peals of laughter and felt rejuvenated for it.

This was the week when we welcomed an unexpected extra passenger to our manifest - a teddy bear answering to the name of Gerard. He was a regular guest at the dinner table and sometimes took it upon himself to do his own thing! We had the feeling that his owner Mark sometimes didn't have control over what he did!

But Gerard wasn't the only creature to accompany the group. There was a daily ceremony to award 'The Frog' to whoever had committed the most misdemeanors (although he often seemed to be awarded for the opposite!) - 'The Frog's prerogative!

Our group of bon viveurs rarely missed an opportunity to enjoy themselves - after all what is a holiday all about. Wednesday evening saw them don fancy dress garb for a lively soiree. The port at Accolay has never looked so bright and beautiful. And it was not unusual to have the odd performance, a song, a poem, a discourse. The last night on La Luciole was a fine mix of party pieces.

Onward to Beaune for our lovely group. We shall miss the laughter and the joie de vivre.

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