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10th - 16th June 2018

It was very sad to say goodbye to our lovely family group this week. And it seemed as if they might not have wanted to go either. Gracie and Austin were both jostling to be the last to leave the boat!

A few adventurers headed out to go horse riding in a corner of hidden Burgundy. The peace and tranquility of the surroundings along with the gentle pace of travel contrasted sharply with their next experience on the go-karting track! Despite best efforts nobody could quite rival Scott's laptimes. We are quietly confident that his lap record (we won't mention that they were the first group to race!) held out for at least the rest of the night!

We should mention that Elvis the Duck made a very welcome apearance in Auxerre this week and became quite a popular addition to our boat party. It did take edible incentives to ensure that he contined to hang out with us but everybody took turns to ensure he didn't go hungry!

In closing we should mention the very talented artist travelling with us this week and suggest she might like to come back out and record the whole trip in pen and ink sketches for us. But if you do come back, Thalia, make sure you bring the rest of your lovely family too.

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