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1st - 7th July 2018

Our boat party this week was made up of people who had booked independently of eachother. We always hope when we have weeks like this that the group will gel as a whole. After all it is a matter of luck with whom you share your journey. It was so fortunate therefore when it seemed from the very start that the group dynamic was so positive. Everybody just got on so well.

We had two children on board who kept La Luciole and its passengers entertained. Thanks Eleanor and Ruthie for helping us with the cheese speeches - the perfect models. We hope you enjoyed that impromptu water fight too. And thanks a lot for ambushing us at the Caves de Bailly! - an ideal hideout in the limestone caves. Shame we never got our revenge!

It's amazing how the pace of life slows down so on the Nivernais. Time seems to go by at a much gentler speed. How to explain the fact then that despite this the week still flies by and we are left at the end sad to say goodbye.

We should perhaps add a thank you to Irene for keeping everybody young! And a big thank you to all for being such gracious guests. .

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