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Winter 2017

The Luciole slumbers on her mooring in Auxerre, where she will rest out the cold winter months in the shadow of the cathedral.

She remains warm for the winter, to protect the furnishings, many things are stored off board, especially the home made curtains and cushions by owner Penny.

Without the hustle of the crew or laughter from the guests, the atmosphere is very different, it is quiet and empty as she enters hibernation. Still it can be a warm and peaceful place to be. Here John Liley is stood in the wheel house, visiting for a few days and doing some stock taking of the left over wine.

Pre-Christmas we take some time to recover and reflect on the previous season, this doesn’t last long until our attention is diverted to improvements onboard, this year in the pipeline are plans for a galley refurbishment and a new bus… watch this space.

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