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9th - 15th October 2016

The final week of the season. A lovely charter group to finish 2016, passengers and crew were treated to spectacular autumnal weather of warmth and sunshine.

Almost every night the dining table was pushed to one side and the dancing began. Hats off to you ladies and gents for sure. Ten out of ten for dance moves and exuberance. Thumbs up for Scot's DJ skills and Cathy's salsa moves.

Dresses and tops were bought, from Noyers-sur-Serein market (could have been New York) and were worn with panache. The night to remember for attire however, of course has to be Wednesday evening and the Toga party, a sight to behold on the Luciole. Sheets, table cloths and shower curtains have never been put to such good use before, aboard.

Jennifer kept up her cycle miles, along the tow path. Whilst others strolled. Emergency runs were made for Bailey's liquer. The perfect spirit to round off the days for our lovely group.

Fifty years ago in 1966 the Palinurus began cruising. In 1986 the Palinurus was renamed the Luciole, when our company bought her from Richard Parson's. As the oldest hotel barge cruising in France, we certainly are proud.

The Luciole thank you whole heartedly for choosing to cruise with us and for making the finish of our 2016 season so memorably.

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