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22nd - 28th May 2016

The adventure continued aboard the Luciole this week as we made our way from one of our historical moorings in the town of Montbard, on the Canal de Bourgogne, all the way back to our home of Auxerre and the entrance of the Canal du Nivernais. It was a long journey, and a week of all day cruising. In the beautiful sunshine we've been blessed with however, plus a handful of marvellous, friendly and helpful guests the time flew by. Before we knew it we were back in our regular mooring in Auxerre.

Despite the distance covered, we managed to have a very calm, relaxing week with our Australian and American friends. A mixed group for the most part but one choosing to spend their days with each other. Chatting in the saloon or taking a drink on the deck, stepping off the boat for a stroll or on occasion what was a brisk walk trying to keep pace with us!

Thanks to the exceptional organisation skills of Captain Francisco and Andy the tour guide, helped out by Penny, we made it through these two weeks flawlessly. It's a complicated job arranging the logistics and timings when routine changes in such a manner as it has done recently, and thanks to their hard work, plus the very understanding nature of our passengers, these weeks have been as seamless as ever onboard the Luciole. Though it's nice to return to familiar ground, especially when that ground is the ever breath taking Auxerre.

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