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12th - 18th June 2016

The Luciole season continues into June with our 6th group of passengers. Some of the crew used the opportunity of the previous week without passengers to go on various trips to far flung places so it's nice to have them back amongst us. Spoiling the peace and quiet perhaps but certainly being entertaining in the process! With the the crew 'home' the Luciole was ready to resume life as normal, winding our way along the Nivernais Canal.

The biggest draws of the Luciole are not just the beauty of the region or the comfort of the boat, nor is it the exceptionally high standard of the food and the regional wines and cheeses accompanying it. It is a combination of both our crew and our passengers that make the Luciole such a special place to be. We are very fortunate here to be accompanied week after week by truly excellent groups of people, this week was no exception. We were joined by a group of 8 American friends travelling together, organised by the lovely Susan and Bruce. As well as English couple John and Joanna, honouring us by travelling with us for the second time, along on this occasion with their friend Patricia, and finally travelling alone, the marvellous Carol from America.

This group bonded very well from the start, sharing stories and putting the world to rights late into the night with a brandy in hand. It was an artistic week around here as Charles our expert garden designer amazingly managed to decorate the deck with several 4 leaf clovers he had found whilst out walking from the boat, which has now prompted everyone to walk around with their heads down looking at the ground in an attempt to replicate his findings. We were lucky enough too, to visit the delightful garden of Jos and Loeloe, in Fontenille. A garden full of textures and colours and from where they run their business 'Parterres en Kit' (buy a designed border of flowers from them, for your own garden).

This week finally felt like a bit of a fresh beginning after the interesting few weeks we have had. As fun as the adventure has been, it's nice to get back to our slow paced routine on the Nivernais, seeing familiar places and familiar faces. It's a pleasure to return to the lifestyle we know and love so well.

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