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17th - 23rd July 2016

We've had a wonderful time on board the Luciole in bright and sunny Burgundy this week. Thanks in no small part to our contingent of fantastic guests, 10 people in total with an abundance of nationalities between them, predominantly English and Australian with an American or two and a smattering of dual nationalities from all over the place. Combined with our mixed crew of English, Scottish, French and of course Chilean, we have had a very international week around here and a very enjoyable one at that. This mixed group rallied together from the start and ended the week as the best of friends, countless glasses of wine surely had something to do with the quick familiarity and team spirit that arose. A highlight of the week was the absolute joy everyone took from the short explanatory speeches about the cheese and wine, leaving the group howling with laughter as hosts explained their cheese of choice and told the many (mostly terrible) cheese related jokes we've obtained over the years.

We were very honoured to be joined by several special guests this week, including the lovely Sheila coming for the 4th time to the Luciole, as well as her marvellous age defying husband John, cruising for the 2nd time with us, it's always a pleasure to see a familiar face back amongst us. Unfamiliar but extremely welcome was Penelope, the twin sister of our weeks resident American, Cleopatra, joining us just for the evening on Friday, getting to enjoy Captain's Dinner from the quayside of beautiful Auxerre. After dinner it is tradition for the Captain to deliver a "short" speech detailing the week and thanking everyone involved. This week English passenger Nick very kindly took to the stage and delivered a few words of his own, thanking all the crew individually in a very nice way, it's a pleasure to hear such kind words spoken and such affirmation for all of us here, so thank you Nick for the kind words, we will try not to let it go to our heads!

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